Nov 10 2018

Economy Changes

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Okay, Howrse has been telling you a lot about this, but here is a short short summary of the biggest changes they just made.


The equus have the same value as before, they just have a new and shiny look, so they look more different from passes.


Diamonds have been removed, and converted into passes. 10 diamonds equal to 100 new passes. This means horses that previously gave diamonds (wilds, chimeras, Onyx, Rainbows, etc.) now give passes. There is a complete list in the change log of how much each divine gives, and their descriptions have also been updated. This also means you can increase the horse’s skills with passes, if you could previously increase it with diamonds.


Passes now have a new value, to better adapt to the value we previously put in black market items and horses. Each pass you had when the change came, turned into 100 passes. For example, the black orchid previously was 1 pass (100 of the new passes), but is now 90. There is also a lot of items available in the black market, which previously haven’t been, like the Achilles’ Heel, Hypnos’ Blanket, etc.


The market is probably a little wonky just now, so give it some time to adjust. The biggest change in sales, is that you can sell only for passes or equus, and the pass maximum has been raised for normal horses.

Another change, is that you can sell horses on behalf of your team, so the team manager can distribute the earnings between members.

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Nov 10 2018

Thanksgiving Cards – November 2018 Promotion

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Until November 26th, celebrate Thanksgiving with scratch cards!

How to obtain cards

  • Your first login of the day (2 cards a day)
  • When taking a horse on a ride (1)
  • From winning a competition (1)
  • In the Flash sales
  • By trading duplicate cards for equus (once per day)
  • By purchasing cards with passes


Tiger Chimera 

The Chimeras work like wild horses, you have to tame them, and when you do they will give you 10 passes (I’ll write a short summary on the economy change later today) once a year until they’re 80. However, in Summer and Winter, Tiger may refuse some of the care you try to give them and lose energy.




Ruaumoko is the newest Maori divine. He has a tiki you must fill with mana. To do that, you need to observe 3 turtle nests a day, and find out if there are baby turtles.

1 x turtle – 5 mana

2 x turtle – 20 mana

3 x turtle – 80 mana

When the tiki contains 3000 mana, Ruaumoko will give you one metal element. The metal element gives your horse the 5th element metal coat.

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Jul 21 2018

Taking a vacation – 2018 July Promotion

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Until August 6th, help the children get ready for their vacation and win prizes!

This is another version of the Halloween promotion/going to the beach promotion if anyone remembers those.

Children will turn up every once in a while and ask for items. More and more will come each day. You get 72 hours to give them an item. You recieve satisfaction points depending on what you give and what was actually asked for.

How do you get items?

  • When you log in for the first time of the day
  • By grooming your horses (2 items per horse, 4 horses per day)
  • By winning competitions (2 items, 4 wins per day)
  • By completing collections
  • Making them in the workshop
  • Buying them with passes

The Divine

Baldr is one of the Nordic divines. Get 7400 satisfaction points to win Baldr.

Lift the veil that has descended on the Nordic worlds by winning points with rides to Asgard, Nilfheim and Midgard.

When you get 360 points, the veil is raised and Baldr gives you 1x Black Orchid.

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Jun 10 2018

Wandering Horses – June 2018

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The Wandering horses are back! Until June 25th, collect wandering horses and collect their prizes.

To get a wandering horse, fill their points meter by performing the requested action as many times as needed. Some actions require you to take care of wandering horses in your breeding farm, and you can age them with treble clefs. Wandering horses will unlock as the promotion goes on.

How to obtain treble clefs:

  • By catching UFOs
  • Sometimes when the wandering horses you are taking care of wake up
  • Buying them with passes
  • Catching them as custom UFOs on other players pages

There are 11 wandering horses this time. Hip-Hop, Punk Rock, Blues, Reggae, R&B, Metal, Opera, Country, Electro, Funk and Jazz. Some of them are quite easy to obtain, like Punk Rock requires you to congratulate players. Others are harder, like Reggae, which requires you to age your wandering horses with treble clefs. This round of wanderers will be at least 20 passes to finish (my estimate). Try to get as many wanderers as possible before you start on Reggae.

The divine:

Get all the wandering horses to obtain Bragi. Bragi is the newest nordic divine. Lift the veil that has ascended on the Nordic worlds by winning points with rides to Asgard, Midgard or Nilfheim. Take care when choosing which ride to go on. When you get to 900 points, the veil is raised and Bragi gives you one Harmony Pack.

Good luck, and enjoy the musical wanderers!

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