Jul 27 2017

Lost Isle Trek – 2017 July/August Promotion

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Until August 14th, help Ow rediscover Tumatauenga!

The Lost Isle Trek is like the mazes, just a little edited version of it. Instead of a dice, there’s a wheel to spin.

Move from cell to cell looking for prizes. Collect keys to unlock the next boards to arrive on the final board and find Tumatauenga. Spin the wheel to find out how many cells you can move.

How to get roulette spins:

  • When you log in for the first time of the day (4 per day)
  • When a horse does a mission (4 per day)
  • By purchasing roulette spins

Jackpot prizes are the Maori Divine Tumatauenga, which can be found on board 6, and the Kaimanawa Wild Horse which can be found on board 5.

You get Golden Horseshoes with keys #1, #6, #20 and #39. Collect 2 golden horseshoes to participate in the prize draw to try and win Tumutauenga.

There are no map solutions to this one, as it is not really a maze, but more of a board game.

Tumutauenga is one of the Maori Divine horses. He has a tiki that you have to fill with mana. To get mana, you need to observe 3 turtle nests per day and find out if there are any baby turtles. 

  • 1 x baby turtle = 5 x mana
  • 2 x baby turtle = 20 x mana
  • 3 x baby turtle = 80 x mana

When the tiki contains 500 x mana, he will give you 1 x Achilles’ Heel.



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Jul 19 2017

The Derby – 2017 July Promotion

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Until 24th July, enter and race in the Derby to get flags to trade for prizes.

How to play:

During  a race, click the “throw” button to throw the ball as many times as needed to get your horse to the finish line. Use bonuses to increase your chances of landing on holes with a higher value to make your horse progress faster.

Get bonuses by:

  • Winning competitions (6 bonuses per win, 2 times a day)
  • Catch UFOs
  • Ask your friends for help (6 per day)

During the derby you have the opportunity to win a new Plant Divine; Caryopsis. Caryopsis’ skills increase when you give her droppings. The skill increase depends on the season and how many droppings you give her. When she reaches 80 skill points, she can be pruned. Her skills will be reset to 0, but she will give you 1 Pass seed.

You can also find her in the Horn of Plenty, and when you have opened a  certain number of Horn of Plentys she will appear in your reserved sales. To trade flags for her you need 1350 flags.

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Jun 15 2017

The Celebration – 2017 June Promotion

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Until July 3rd, give the right offerings during the celebration and win prizes!

Every day children will show up and ask for treats. Give them the specific treats they ask for in order to get the maximum number of satisfaction points and win prizes. You can expect a curse if you give them something they do not like.

Children will turn up regularly throughout the day, and they leave after 48 hours if you do not give them anything. Each day, the number of children who come to visit increases. You can also buy blowing shells for passes to get extra children to visit you.

You can get offerings by:

  • First login of the day (17 a day)
  • When grooming a horse (4 a day)
  • Winning contests (4 a day)
  • Making them in your workshops
  • Flash sales
  • In the Black Market for passes

Get 7600 satisfaction points to win Tangaroa, the first Divine in the Maori Divine series. Tangaroa has a tiki you must fill with mana. For that you need to observe 3 turtle nests a day, and find out if there are any baby turtles.

  • 1 baby turtle = 5 x mana
  • 2 baby turtles = 20 x mana
  • 3 baby turtles = 80 x mana

When the Tiki contains 800 mana, Tangaroa will give you 1 x water element. The water element is a new item that will give your horse the water coat (from the 5th element).

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May 24 2017

Wild West Cards – 2017 May/June Promotion

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Until June 12th, discover the Wild West with brand new scratch cards! Collect cards, and complete puzzles by getting the Wild West cards and win lots of surprises.

Get cards:

  • When you login for the first time of the day (2 cards)
  • Winning competitions (1 card per day)
  • Taking your horses for a ride (1 card per day)
  • In the flash sales
  • By trading duplicate cards (one trade per day)
  • By purchasing them with your passes

If you complete all 7 puzzles, you will win the newest addition to the Plant Kingdom Divines; Kaktos. If you get the correct gift card, you can also win the wild horse; Spanish Mustang (you can only obtain one Spanish Mustang, even though you activate several copies of the card!).

You can earn Golden Horseshoes for the Event trophy by activating 3, 13, 33, and 63 different cards. Collect at least 2 Golden Horseshoes to take part in the Prize Draw that takes place at the end of the event to have a chance to win Kaktos! 

Kaktos can be watered instead of drinking. His skills increase when you give him droppings, and when he reaches 2000 skill points he can be pruned. His skills will then reset to 0, but he will give you one unicorn foal of a breed you don’t have yet! Note that if you have all the breeds it will randomize. 

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