Feb 01 2017

In Search of HH Blogger!

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Hi all!

I am looking for an assistant blogger to help update HowrseHelper’s homepage with new events and tips. If interested, please message me on the International Howrse @Jessica27.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to log onto Howrse, which makes it difficult to keep up with the promotions.

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Sep 08 2016

Wandering Horses September 2016

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Hi all!

The Wandering Horses have returned till September 26.

A full post is coming soon – follow the tutorial to unlock your three horses and start entering competitions to unlock Blue Menelaus!


There are sixteen horses to unlock, with new ones becoming available each day. Unlock all horses to unlock Atlas, which will earn you the newest divine, Ptah, an Egyptian Horse.

Dynamine will be completed after the tutorial and will arrive in your breeding farm. Once you obtain a Wandering Horse, you can carry out actions with it for five days.

The order in which wandering horses become unlocked:

  • Glasswing: Log in each day (6 points for the first login)
  • Blue Menelaus: Enter horses in competition (.37 points per horse)
  • Swallowtail: Stroke a horse in Safe Haven (6 points per horse stroked)
  • Leopard Scribonia: Donate pollen to other wandering horses (.3 points per pollen donated)
    • this horse will certainly require passes to obtain

will be updated!


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Aug 18 2016

Magic Potions- 2016 August Promotion

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Until September 5th, create magic potions to earn prizes on Howrse!

The divine released during this promo is another Zodiac divine – Virgo.

In order to start making a potion, you need to unlock a recipe. You can unlock 6 recipes per day and must state what ingredients are needed for the potion in order to unlock it (recipes listed below). Once you select the right ingredients, you can create the potion if you have enough of the correct ingredients. Each potion takes a specific amount of time; potions can cook faster if boosters are used (3 boosters for 1 pass).

Use objectives to earn ingredients and boosters – posted below recipe ingredients. Remember to confirm the objective upon completion to receive the prize!

Ingredients can also be bought in the flash sales (click the lightning bolt, to the right of the recipe button on the promo page).

Note: If you want to create a potion more than once, the number of required ingredients will double.

Potion Recipes:


  • 1,000e (2 hours): 1x snake venom and 2x mushrooms
  • 5,000 equus: 4x mosquito larve, 3x stardust
  • 20,000 equus: 3x snake venom, 4x four leaf clover, 5x moonstone


  • Virgo: 25x purple potion, 25x red potion, 25x unicorn horn

Colored Potions:

  • Red Potion: 4x four leaf clover, 2x phoenix tear
  • Purple Potion: 1x Mandrake sap, 1x unicorn horn
  • Blue Potion: 1x snail spit, 1x dragon scale

BM items:

  • Apollo’s Lyre: 3x four leaf clovers, 3x phoenix tears
  • Fertility Wand: 3x mosquito larvae, 5x griffin eggs, 4x moonstones
  • Harmony Pack: 4 x Snake venom, 3 x Hippogriff claw, 3x Dragon scale
  • Helios Ray: 5x snake venom, 4x red potions
  • Hestia’s Gift: 4x snake venom, 5x mushroom spores, 5x unicorn horn
  • Hypnos Blanket: 3x snail spits, 2x blue potions
  • Magic Hat: 5x mosquito larve, 4x hippogriff claw, 5x moonstone
  • Medusa’s Blood: 3x mosquito larvae, 4x hippogriff claws
  • Philosopher’s Stone: 3 x Mushroom Spores, 4x Stardust, 4x Phoenix tear
  • Philotes Stroke: 3x Mandrake Sap, 4x Griffin Eggs
  • Poseidon’s Pack: 4x mandrake saps, 3x four leaf clovers, 3x snail spit
  • Water of Youth: 3x Mushroom spores 4x Stardust

EC Employees:

  • Farm-Hand: 3x Stardust, 1x Unicorn Horn
  • Foreman: 4x mosquito larvae, 3x pheonix tears
  • Instructor: 4x Mandrake sap, 2x Hippogriff claw, 3x Purple potion
  • Repairman: 2x Four leaf clover, 3x Griffin egg
  • Saddler: 2x Snail spit
  • Stable-Hand: 4x Mushroom spores, 3x Dragon scale


  • 1* Wstern Saddle Cloth: 2x Mosquito larvae, 2x Hippogriff claw
  • 3*** Western Bridle: 3x Snail spit, 2x Stardust
  • 3*** Western Saddle: 3x Mandrake sap, 4x Griffin egg
  • 10 Aging Points: 2x Mushroom spores, 4x Snail spit, 2x Phoenix tear
  • Flax 20x: 2x Mosquito larvae, 4x Hippogriff claw
  • Horseshoe studs: 3x Mushroom Spores, 3x Hippogriff claw, 4x Blue potion
  • Manure 10x: 3x Snake venom, 2x Stardust
  • Mash 20x: 2x Snake venom, 3x Four leaf clover
  • Oats 200x: 3x Mushroom spores, 2x Moonstone
  • Sand 100x: 2x Mandrake sap, 2x Griffin egg
  • Shower: 2x Mosquito Larvae, 4x Clovers, 2x Red Potions
  • Water Trough: 3x Snake Venom, 3x Mandrake Sap, 3x Dragon Scales.



Remember you can skip an objective by donating a BM item to Ow.

  1. Be congratulated 2 times; Reward: 4 select random ingredients
  2. Name a horse “Tip”; Reward: 3 select random ingredients (click on the plus button to the right of the horse’s name once on its page > edit profile)
  3. Sell a horse to Safe Haven; Reward: 2 select random ingredients (On the horse’s page, click the plus button to the right of its name > Sell > Place in Safe Haven)
  4. Remove a unicorn horn; Reward: one unicorn horn


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Jul 31 2016

Summer 2016 Maze Maps

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*Prize locations have been added* Click “continue reading”

Here’s all the information for the Maze Map promo which ends August 16.

There are four mazes, each with a golden horseshoe and different grand prize:

  • Maze 1: new horse breed – Drum Horse
  • Maze 2: Ow’s Helios Ray
  • Maze 3: Titan’s Challenge
  • Maze 4: Sekhmet, a new Egyptian Divine (View the divine directory here)


You must go in order of the mazes. How you progress through the maze depends on the horse you select and its skill level. 10 paces are equivalent to one move. A horse with 0 – 1485 skills earns+3 per hour, 1554 – 4632 skills earns +4 per hour, and 4688+ skills = +5 per hour. Note that you cannot take care of the horse while it’s in the maze, but you can switch horses once you put it in the maze.



Sekhmet – the new divine

After your  horse earns 100 paces, you must use them in order to generate new paces. Aside from waiting to earn paces, you can progress faster by using treats. Each treat icon on the map represents 3 treats.

Below are the maps for each maze! Please zoom in if they are too small.

If you have a horse that can generate 5 paces an hour, your horse will earn 120 paces a day, as long as you have room to regenerate more. When you begin a new maze, you horse will automatically start with 100 paces.



Overall it takes around 27 and half days to complete all mazes. The promo itself lasts for about 21 days. In order to finish on time, around 260 additional treats will be needed (just under 100 passes). Treats are awarded with Titan’s Challenge (around 3 each level) and can be won even if the player does not win the TC round.


*Click to enlarge the images*

Maze 1: 79 moves (790 paces) total; beginning gifts (-100 paces and 3 treats (30 paces)), 15 treats (-450 paces) and  210 normal paces = 1.75 days to complete













Maze 2: 146 moves (1460 paces) total; 100 paces to start, 26 treats (-780 paces) and 580 normal paces = 4.83 days to complete








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