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Aug 30 2009

Africa World Tour Answers Released

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The tour of Africa has come to an end as the correct answers for the Howrse World Tour have been released. This means, the next new horse breed, the Barb Arabain, will be released within the next few days! Here are the correct answers for the tour of Africa: Question 13 From what country does […]

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Aug 20 2009

Random Horn of Plenty and Two Passes

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Some of you may have noticed a random Horn of Plenty showed up in your inventory. If you go to your pass page, you’ll find there’s also two random passes. Hm…. If you were logged in between August 11th and the last update, a Horn of Plenty and two passes are coming your way. Because […]

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Aug 18 2009

Brumbies Are Being Released!

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A mod posted a few hours ago a Fun Topic in the Game Play forum for players to talk about their awaited Brumby. AT about 10:20 this morning, they started to be released. There are two so far up in the auctions but their price already reached 10,000 equus. About 20 people have recieved theirs […]

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Aug 17 2009

Brumby Update *Edited*

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We are all pretty anxious awaiting the arrival of the new horse breed from Australia, the Brumby. Loon Watcher has posted earlier in the Game Play forum that it they should come out soon. However, Rivenwood just updated it. Here’s the full post: I know you are all very anxious to get your new horse […]

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