Aug 05 2009

New Howrse Layout…Delayed?

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The awaited new layout has been delayed till August 25th. Both the Home page and “My Horses” page was going to be re-designed. But due to modifications that aren’t fully complete and remaining French language that needs to be translated, the players on Howrse need to wait almost another month. At first, many players were fine with it. They thought it would be better to wait for a bug-free version instead of having glitches if it was released today. One player then stated how Howrse delays other new things, like the puzzle card codes. Since I have only been registered for a little over fifty days and I never bought the Olympus cards, I can’t complain. In the end, I agree that it would be better to have the completed version of the layout, but I’d rather only have to wait about another ten days at the most instead of twenty. I hope this new, improved layout is going to be worth the wait!

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