Aug 11 2009

The New Layout Has Arrived!

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Unexpectedly for me, Howrse has now released their new layout! It is pretty easy to get use to, but it still needs many English translations. Also, when you click the “My Horses” tab at the bottom of the page while taking care of one horse, it turns out to be blank. Luckily, these are the only issues so far.  Here’s screen shots of the new Howrse:

The Home Page:

At the top, you can scroll through your horses, but only about 10 of them.

The Horses’s Page:

All of the actions are closeable which is nice.

Overall, it is a very nice layout, however, it would be best if they have waited to release it.

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One Response to “The New Layout Has Arrived!”

  1. cyclecycleon 21 Dec 2013 at 2:30 pm

    I was on here when howrse looked like this… I still miss it!

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