Aug 18 2009

Brumbies Are Being Released!

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A mod posted a few hours ago a Fun Topic in the Game Play forum for players to talk about their awaited Brumby. AT about 10:20 this morning, they started to be released. There are two so far up in the auctions but their price already reached 10,000 equus. About 20 people have recieved theirs already.

You will be notified by a Private Message from Howrse that you have received a Brumby. Here’s what the message would say:

Hello (user name here),

Congratulations !
As a reward you receive a Brumby.
Have a nice Journey !

The Howrse Team

Here’s some information about the Brumbies:

The Brumby is a feral horse breed from Australia. Because of the harsh climate and the sparse food reserves Brumbies stayed relatively small. Thin and not very muscular they stay shy with humans. They aren’t made for classical riding.
  • Species: Horse
  • Size: from 14.1 hands to 15.1 hands
Dressage OO
Galloping OOOOOOO
Trotting OOO
Jumping OOOOOO
Black 15 %
Light bay 30 %
White 20 %
Dun 9 %
Chestnut 25 %
Palomino 1 %

Congratulations to all those who have recieved theirs!

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