Aug 30 2009

Africa World Tour Answers Released

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The tour of Africa has come to an end as the correct answers for the Howrse World Tour have been released. This means, the next new horse breed, the Barb Arabain, will be released within the next few days! Here are the correct answers for the tour of Africa:

Question 13

From what country does the horse breed called Vlaamperd come from ?
South Africa

Question 14

What does ‘baroud’ mean in the popular equestrian celebration called Fantasia traditionally performed in Northern Africa ?
Gun Powder

Question 15

What precious metal is used to make the embroideries decorating the Moroccan Fantasia Saddles ?

Question 16

According to the Bedouin legend, God created the horse with a handfull of wind from the…

Question 17

Why does the Zebra have vertical stripes on a large area of his body

Question 18

What type of dye is used in Northern Africa during celebrations to tint the tails and legs of horses in orange ?

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