Sep 07 2009

Peruvian Paso & Latin America Answers

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The World Tour contest for Latin America ended about 12 hours ago. Here are the answers and some information about the new bred, as we wait to get our Peruvian Pasos.

Latin America Answers:

Question 19

The Falabella is a:

Question 20

What is the Gaucho game where a rider has to stay on a wild horse for 6 seconds ?

Question 21

On the traditional Argentinian Gaucho Saddle Called Recado Criollo, what replaces the usual wooden tree found on other saddles?
OLeather tubes

Question 22

With approximately how many horses did Cortez set foot in Mexico in 1519 ?
ONearly 15

Question 23

What item is used during Paso Fino demonstrations to prove this breed is extremely comfortable ?
OA glass of water

Question 24

What sport played with a duck in Argentina is the ancestor of Horse ball ?

~The Peruvian Paso~

The Peruvian Paso is a Latin American horse breed that was introduced in Peru by the Spanish in the XVI th century. Because of it’s geographic insolation during more than 400 years, the breed is considered like one of the purest: it is therefore greatly appreciated for it’s rarity, descendants of this breed are docile, calm and dynamic.

Species: Horse
Size: from 14.1 hands to 15.1 hands

Allowed Coats:

White           10 %
Mouse gray    5 %
Chestnut       27 %
Cherry bay    32 %
Black            25 %
Palomino        1 %

Dressage OOOOOO
Galloping OO
Jumping OOO

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