Sep 10 2009

New Shop and PM Layout! *Update*

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Along with the new horse care page layout, Howrse re-designed the Shop (EC & Breeder) and the Private Message layout. Here are some screen shots of what it will look like. (Without the French, of course.) Howrse has just announced that the new layouts will be released tomorrow.

(Above) Here is the screen shot for the Breeder’s Store. All of the items are divided into categories like the previous one. Your inventory is still displayed, but with easy, collapsible tabs. There are some new buttons at the bottom (used to be on the top left). I’m guessing that these buttons are for selling items, the Black Market, and a Help button.

(Below) This is the Equestrain Center store. Again, it’s like the previous layout but with collapsible tabs.  The three buttons at the bottom are for selling items, Secret Market, and Help.

(Below) This is the new layout for the Private Messaging. Personally, I don’t really like how it is displayed with the days. I would prefer to have it as before, with all of the messages in one spot. I suppose I just need to get used to it and it will probably help in the future. Howrse added a new feuture called “Black List”. This is used to stop certain users from messaging you, preventing future arguments.

In the end, this is a great improvement to Howrse for organization. How do you feel about this new layout?

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One Response to “New Shop and PM Layout! *Update*”

  1. nikitaon 13 Sep 2009 at 3:03 am

    I think the new PM layout is great! Grouping it by date will help as I find that when I’m doing all this BM buying from people, it will be easier for me to find the PMs of when they contacted me and gave prices and such.

    I’m loving the Blacklist, I just wish we could set people to ignore on the game overall so they can’t see our profile and horses completely! Hehe!

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