Oct 19 2009

Halloween Black Pearl Winners

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In the middle of September, Howrse released a new Black Pearl – The Halloween Black Pearl. Instead of it being a normal Black Pearl, it was a contest. The player had to create a UFO that would float around on the screen. There were nine different Halloween-themed categories to enter in – Ghost Horse, Ghost, Bat, Witch, Witch Hat, Spider, Pumpkin, Skeleton, and a Haunted Castle.

Players had till October 8th to send in their entries by buying the Black Pearl. (If you have entered, you will receive the two passes back you spent to buy the Pearl.) I was going to enter but I wasn’t able to complete the drawing in time. Here are the top nine winners:

Ghost Horse:

My Spirit Within by Lulakita


Blue Lady by Cloud333


Bernard Bat by Keekipie


Poetry in the Air by Dodolina

Witch Hat:

Magic hat by Szekla


Black widow by Nightshimmer


Horse O’ Lantern by Forbidden


Skeletal Horse by AdmYrrek

Haunted Castle:

Crow’s Nest by iscoffy

Congratulations to all the winners! If you entered the Halloween Black Pearl contest and want to post your entry in the comments section, then go right ahead! The picture must be hosted by a photo-sharing website, like Flickr or Photobucket. Once it’s hosted, paste the code in the comment. Don’t worry if it doesn’t show; I’ll fix it.

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