Oct 19 2009

Ten Pass Limit Change

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As of right now in the Private Sales, the most you can sell a horse for is 200,000e and 10 passes. However, that could change. According to an admin and moderators, the pass limit could and possibly will, raise. Right off the bat, some players might think it could be a way for Howrse to make more money, like the Xanthos Stroke Limit might have been, but it’s not. This is due to the divine horses because of how much they are worth and players being scammed. Players are now starting to want more than just 200,000e and 10 passes or just 2.5 million plus equus (and no passes).

In my opinion, this will be a good idea if the limit isn’t raised that high. Think about it: You own a rare horse and spent 25 plus passes on it by just giving it a Nyx Pack and clouding it with POCs. You wouldn’t be able to make a profit off of it with passes; you would actually loose money.

Howrse is still not sure when this new limit will be released or what the limit will be changed to. More information will be known once an admin or moderator posts a topic in the Events forum on Howrse.

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