Nov 07 2009

More New Changes – Saddlery and Competitons

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A few months back, Howrse decided to start to update their site. They are continuing to do so, now with the Saddlery and Competition pages.

The Saddlery page is now completely gone. However, there is a drop-down menu on your horse’s page to assign tack to that horse, as shown below.

Since there is no Saddlery, your tack will not wear. This also takes away some of the Level 2 achievements. Also, a Saddler doesn’t repair tack anymore; he now lends tack to boarding horses at the EC. A bonus is added to your horse, depending on the prestige of the EC.

There is no ‘remove’ button now to remove tack. You can only upgrade or downgrade it. Quoted directly from an admin to best explain it, “And to be able to remove tack the trick is to use the SB material and let the boarding period end. In that case you horse is once again naked and all you equipment stays in your stock.
With this trick you should (not?) have to buy any more equipment unless you forget the remove it or replace it with the SB material before a horse dies. As when a horse dies he leaves with his saddle and bridle.” From my understanding of this, you can place the tack from the EC on your horse, keeping the tack you buy.

The Blacksmith will also have a new job – he too will lend horseshoes to the boarding horses.

The Competitions Page:

The competitions page now has a new look, to match the rest of the site. Here is a screen shot of how it looks.

Howrse also added the feature to search by EC names to enter your horse in that competition. This will help EC owners with boosting their comp prestige.

Once your enter your horse in a competition, it will take you back to your horse’s page. To see the results of the competition, you can still go back to the competition results page. Quoted from the same admin as above, “The achievements concerning these features will be removed for the moment maybe later we’ll replace them with some other goals that go with the evolution of the game.” These achievements are not yet removed from the achievements page so I am not sure what Howrse is doing with this. Another update should follow soon as to what will happen.

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3 Responses to “More New Changes – Saddlery and Competitons”

  1. Kalenon 07 Nov 2013 at 7:58 pm

    That’s stupid, I don’t want to compete with one of my pony’s who already had tack on him, I would rather use that tack on a different pony who WILL be competing without having to buy a whole other set of tack!

  2. minnieon 21 Dec 2015 at 9:24 pm

    Im annoyed because i cant take the ear bonnet off and they look stupid and its so annoying that i cant take it off.

  3. Lil equitationon 05 Aug 2017 at 12:26 pm

    I forgot that my Vanner has feathering and I put legs wraps and I NEED to get the lowest quality leg wraps off

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