Dec 24 2009

New Features Coming to Howrse

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Slowly but surely Howrse has been updating little sections of the website to make it more enjoyable for the players – now they are adding new features next week. Remember when there was a possibility of a pass limit change in the Private Sales? Yes, you guessed it – that’s one of the new features.

Facebook Connection:

Combining your Facebook account and Howrse account is now a possibility. This new feature is a little vague at the moment, but more information will follow.

Covering Page:

The new covering page includes a total GP search, more filters to create the perfect search, and an option to add BM items to your horse right then and there.

Raised Pass Limit:

Just like we mentioned before, Howrse is increasing the number of passes a horse could be sold for to 20. Admins have found many players who got in trouble selling multiple horses just to get more than 10 passes for one horse. This seems to be a great addition since players now can get some money back for all the passes spent on the horse.

EC Presentations:

A new tab will show how many bonuses your horse will receive and what equipment your horse can use.

Boarding Filter:

The default filter for the boarding horses will be by the end of boarding date.

Divine ECs

Because of the new Ice Horse, in order for an EC’s name to be purple, it has to host five divine horses instead of just one.

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