Dec 29 2009

New Features Have Arrived

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Howrse’s new features have arrived – You can now connect your Facebook account to your Howrse account, learn more about the EC you’re boarding at, search easier with the new Covering page, and much more. Currently, the Feedback forum link has been removed, but is posted in the Events forum. Also, many players think the Black Pearl is back, since there is a link to it in the Black Market. However, that goes to a non-existent page.

Connect to Facebook:

Right on the Log-in page, you have the option to combine your Howrse and Facebook account. Although nothing really happens when you connect the two, here’s what will happen, directly from an Admin:

Connect your Howrse and Facebook account right on the log-in page!

“It’s possible to connect to Howrse with your facebook login and password. This avoids having to go into the registration process when you already own a facebook account and don’t want to create yet another login and password.

If you have a facebook account you’ll be able to:

* Join your existing account on Howrse by logging in with your facebook Id or your Howrse login and password
* Or create an account just by choosing a “nickname” that will be your name on Howrse

So nothing about displaying your name address and shoe size
It’s just because Howrse needs to use the tools that are available and one of the big media centers is facebook so if we want to attract a little more players we need exposure”

Covering Page and New EC Features:

By adjusting the search box, it is much easier to find the perfect match for your horse. You can also add BM items to your horse right on the page!

You can now add BM items right on the page!

Other new features include purple EC names, filtering end of boarding as the default for Equestrian Centers, and automatic raising for Show Jumping and Cross Country Competitions. Also, the Howrsian Pack, a special BM item for beginners, now offers a Horn of Plenty. The last main feature Howrse added, and my personal favorite, is the new, better detailed EC layout. You can now view more information about the EC you’re interested in boarding at.

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