Mar 16 2010

“Donkeys, Xanthos, Foals-Oh My!” –Second Place?!

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As most of you probably know, Howrse is hosting the parades for the month of March. I jumped right into it and created my parade, Donkeys, Xanthos, Foals-Oh My! At first, I didn’t expect to get much help from other players. Right away, I searched all of the Harlequin owners and sent them a message asking if they could enter in my parade. I ended sending probably close to 1,000 messages asking players. I was notified that this does count as spam, so please don’t follow in my footsteps, at least for this, so you don’t get in trouble. Soon more and more divines were entering and I was shocked that the number was climbing. I had a really good feeling about winning most divines. Once the ranking day came, I was a bit shocked at the results.

Seeing that no one else had more divines than me, or even close, on the advertising post in the Events forum, I got overly confident and thought that I could possibly even win first place. I was a bit upset, yet happy, that I made second place. I was really hoping for first, but see that there was a huge gap between first and second, I felt much better. I realized that I’d have to practically double the amount of divines I had to beat first place.

The first thing I saw concerning my parade after the congratulations message from Howrse was the general rankings. The name of my parade caught my eye. Not only was I in the top twenty, but I was in the top ten with a ranking of 8! I am very glad to have made it with the help of everyone who entered. Seeing that I got a better general ranking than many top breeders really shows that with hard work, you can sometimes beat the best of them.

General Ranking

Thank you to everyone who entered in my parade! Especially those who entered divines! Good luck to everyone who has their parade this week or next week! I have two donkeys that I could enter in someone’s parade as well! PM me if interested.

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