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Apr 25 2010

“Improve My EC!”

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As I advance through the game, I still remember what it was like to start off an EC and wonder how top EC could get to be that good. Although I have not yet reached the top, I still know all the tips on how to get there. In my spare time, I will go […]

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Apr 24 2010

Week of April 18th

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Each week I write one of these, I feel like time is flying by! April 18th: Foal Games are added! Hopefully more will come soon. At the moment I have Spring/Summer, Winter (2 degrees and up), No Pasture, along with how to get the foal’s energy up right before foal games (which is very important!) […]

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Apr 21 2010

Happy Birthday, Howrse!

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Opening back in 2007, this is Howrse’s third birthday! Ironically, Howrse’s birthday and HowrseHelper’s birthday are in the only months beginning with the letter ‘A’! (HowrseHelper’s is August 1st!) To celebrate, the image of a Nyx Star is used as a U.F.O. Prizes range from a turnip or apple, all the way to a Nyx […]

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Apr 19 2010

Drum Roll Please…

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After a few weeks of putting this together, I finally created a forum ( for HowrseHelper! You can now post questions there where myself and other experience players can answer you! There is also a spot for advertising and games and riddles. Because I added this, the Players’ Page will probably be removed. I will […]

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