Apr 19 2010

Drum Roll Please…

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You could access the forum by clicking on this same image to the right

After a few weeks of putting this together, I finally created a forum (http://www.howrsehelper.com/forum) for HowrseHelper! You can now post questions there where myself and other experience players can answer you! There is also a spot for advertising and games and riddles. Because I added this, the Players’ Page will probably be removed. I will provide a second post in the forum with a link to everyone’s name that was listed on the Players’ Page.

I ask that all users of the forum to please follow forum rules. I feel they aren’t too strict and shouldn’t be a pain to follow. I mainly ask that everyone respects one another and provides a safe environment for everyone. Please note that advertising Howrse services is allowed! This will only include the following: selling/buying a horse or BM item, training horses, and advertising one’s EC. Keep in mind there are some people who scam others on Howrse – I am not responsible if you have been scammed due to false advertising on the forum. Remember to always look into who you are trading with and fully trust them.

Guests may post and view threads in the forum, although I highly suggest to register. This allows other players to message you through the forum system. You will probably receive more help that way since players will most likely remember your user name and link it to a previous question you might have had.

If there is a question you have, please file it under the correct category so you may receive help faster. I will try to check the forum posts every few hours to provide help for everyone. You can also subscribe to the thread, which will send e-mail updates once a new post has been added on to your thread.

Sorry there is so much writing but I thought it was best to explain it here. ;) Have fun!

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