May 02 2010

Recap: Week of April 25

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It’s been a very busy week for me, so I wasn’t able to update much. This even had to come out a day late! Sorry about that everyone. I plan and fixing up the site today..hopefully.

April 25: “Improve My EC!” Program -I’m now starting a new service that I offer on Howrse. Basically, I will post tips in your EC forum about what you could improve on and how to do it. More information is provided in the link above.

Various days this week:

  • I can’t exactly remember what day was what, but I did update the FAQs page. I will organize the new questions and answers this week to make it much more easier to read.
  • Don’t forget out the Animated Signatures! I forgot to host the image on a picture sharing website, so the image disappeared for quite some time..but it’s back now! ;)

Don’t forget to vote in this week’s new poll! As always, it’s right on the sidebar on the right side.

Come back next week for…

  • More Game Play Tips
  • More EC Tips
  • More Navigation Buttons
  • New Poll
  • Been organization!

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  1. Cesaron 10 May 2010 at 8:02 pm

    Me gusta su pagina web. Es muy bueno.

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