May 14 2010

Long, Long Week

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I am so sorry to those who follow this site and check for updates daily. So much has recently came up in the last week – doctor appointments, blood tests, visiting loved ones..The list can go on and on. I will definitely have much more time in the summer to update this more.

It’s be a very long time that I have actually trained a horse on Howrse. Shooting Star reached 1014+ skills and is still gaining from lessons. (Add a WOY and do two lessons each day – it will add at least 50 more skills!) He really increased my ranking, along with two other skillers I bought for my competitions. Unfortunetly, I was a bit too confident about my comps and made the skill level incredibly high. So high, that it just lay by itself, with my one horse entered, for days until such a friendly, amazing player came along – Irene Lynne. She saw that I needed help and got the competitions to run so I could edit them. She even continued to help! My comps have gained 1% in prestige a day – something I was trying to accomplish myself for a long time. It seems that getting in the top 500 isn’t too far in the future. With a ranking of 700’s and a prestige of 78%, it comes closer and closer. If you are having competition problems, feel free to PM me and I’ll enter my skillers in your comps (each have around 230 skills for the top skill i.e. jumping, stamina, galloping..etc.). Don’t forget to congratulate Irene Lynne while you’re at it!

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