May 22 2010

The Weekly Grand Prix *Update*

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This amazing new competition allows you to 3 passes as well as a .5 GP gain. However, this can be hard to enter, since it’s not like a normal competition. In order to enter, you must find a ticket in your HOP. This tickets will only be available through May 27th the end of June. It will then be based on seniority; my guess is that it will continuously be available. The chances of getting one is less than getting a turnip, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Each day is assigned a specific event:

  • Monday : cross-country event
  • Tuesday : trot racing event
  • Wednesday : show jumping event
  • Thursday : barrel racing event
  • Friday : gallop racing event
  • *Saturday: Rankings displayed
  • Sunday: Day of rest

    Results for the first Grand Prix (click to enlarge)

*Rankings: The best horses are displayed in the rankings. In order for your rankings to be displayed, you must have participated in all five events, but it doesn’t have to be with the same horse. (To the right is yesterday’s ranking. If you click the picture, you can see the enlarged version, showing you how much skills your horse will need to enter.)

Besides it being a bit hard to find it in a HOP, this event will consume 10 hours of your horses’ day and 99% of it’s energy. You will be allowed to enter two horses for the day and they don’t always have to be the same horses.

Bonuses, found in the Horn of Plenty, will be available certain days to improve your horses’ chances of winning: (You can find images of these below in the photo gallery)

  • Friday to Sunday : Power of the Storm, Appearance of the Hurricane, Bonus Monsoon
  • Monday and Tuesday : Tranquility of the Breeze, Energy of the Thunderstorm
  • Wednesday and Thursday : Strength of the Typhoon, Effect of the Tornado

In order to receive these bonuses, you must first get a ticket to the event. These items are applied to just one horse either; it is applied to your whole account, so any horse can benefit in the competition. Each item may be found only once, so I’m guessing it will stick with your account.

The winners of the races will receive the following:

  • First place: 3 passes + 0.5 point of GP on the the horse
  • 2nd to 5th runner up : 0.4 to 0.1 point of GP
  • Top 100 : 1000 Equus
  • For all the participants : 500 equus

After the weekly rankings are announced, the top ten will get an award on their page and the top 100 will visit the Fountain for water to find triple the amount of energy gains and morale.

If you already have your ticket and possibly have access to different things, please feel free to send me pictures! E-mail me at or message me on Howrse.


Below is a gallery of images from the Grand Prix. As more images are released, more will be added.

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  1. plutohasapromiseon 01 Jun 2014 at 1:29 pm

    I have the ticket, but the button to enter the Grand Prix won’t show up in the competitions box on my horse’s page! If you would like to see my cool lookin’ howrse, I am plutohasapromise on the US version of howrse, and the Howrse’s name is Prince of the Wild with the affix higher standards. Thanks!

  2. plutohasapromiseon 01 Jun 2014 at 1:34 pm

    Oh, nevermind, I realized there is NO Grand Prix on Sunday XD! Stupid me! Sorry guys (:

  3. Paula Chanoveon 08 Aug 2014 at 2:33 pm

    Today is friday and none of my horses have the grand prix icon on them in the competition box…Please help. Message me on paulachanove If you can. I take all friend requests

  4. Paula Chanoveon 08 Aug 2014 at 2:34 pm

    Its friday, None of my horses have the grand prix icon on the competition box. Please message me through howrse paulachanove. Feel free to add me to

  5. Lil_Emeradon 13 Jan 2015 at 1:33 am

    How do I get the Fountain item?

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