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Jun 29 2010

Several New Updates on HH

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I just realized I kind of skipped the whole “Week in Review” posts, only since I have been away for so long. I am working on layouts and I have a few surprises up my sleeve :D **Tuesday, June 29th** First, I would like to address new things with the forum: There has been a […]

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Jun 26 2010

Surprise Inside Has Been Released! *Updated!* (7/3/10)

A lucky player on Howrse was able to mature their egg fast enough in able to receive the gift inside early! The top 500 eggs (if their maturity is greater than or equal to 50%) will receive this gift as well – a Falabella. This special horse will give it’s owners a 1/100th chance of […]

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Jun 25 2010

Test your luck!

Just like Howrse did with the Sleipnirs, you can now find a Croesus in a Horn of Plenty! Only 200 Croesus will be hidden in the HOP. Once all of those have been found, the notification on the Home page will be deleted; great idea for us, but not for them. If they kept it […]

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Jun 15 2010

Negative 65,534 Places Available

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Since it’s finally summer, I have more time on my hands, which makes me want to train more horses. Sticking my horses in some ECs, I came across this one center that doesn’t have negative one places available, but has negative sixty five thousand. I guessed this was a one time thing and will go […]

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