Jun 05 2010

Calling All Layout-Makers!

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As some of you may know, I decided a bit ago to take a little break from the site. Looking at it now, it seems I might be out a little longer than expected. I’d love if I could have a volunteer to help with the coding of layouts that I need to make. Please fill out this form and post it in the comments or PM me on Howrse. You will need to know how to make scrolling layouts and be comfortable using any color codes. Please note – You will only be creating the code – not the pictures. You will receive credit for your work.

  1. User name on Howrse:
  2. Best way to contact you: (either e-mail or Howrse mail; please list here)
  3. Please list here everything you know about HTML coding (please include if you know any CSS)
  4. How much time will you have to create these layouts? Will you be available at short notice?

If you can’t create layouts yourself and know of others, please let them know about this! I’m not sure how long I will need this help. As of right now, I will need three to four layout codes to be done, but not all at one time.

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