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Jun 08 2010

Combining Accounts, Ideas, & Divines

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I am personally a bit confused about this new upgrade on Howrse, especially since the first thing mentioned is finding an egg on your “My Horses”, which you are trying to hatch before July 6th.

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Jun 08 2010

New Training Plan

-NOTE:- This has to be edited because of the changes to Howrse. I am unable to type at the moment, so it will be edited later. Over the past few days, I have had some more time to train some horses. I made up this new little training plan that I find very effective. Maybe […]

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Jun 08 2010

Horse for Sale! ~ Macey

Macey – Purebred Arabian, Retired Coat, 11 BM Items Born February 9, 2009, Macey is a six star Arabian with 560 skills (training completed) and still gaining with lessons. She will be fully BLUPed at time of purchase. Some of her BM items include WOY, P. Stone, Atlante’s Pack, GA, (Has a retired coat!), and […]

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