Jun 08 2010

Combining Accounts, Ideas, & Divines

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Egg Picture from Equidow - Thanks to user Monet6!

I am personally a bit confused about this new upgrade on Howrse, especially since the first thing mentioned is finding an egg on your “My Horses”, which you are trying to hatch before July 6th.

To speed up the process of hatching the egg, you can invite family and add friends to your account or just add friends (feel free to Friend Me!). The family bond is linking two accounts together, consisting as a parent account and a child account. When a foal is born, both accounts will receive the foal – that’s the only benefit to it. The co-management system allows close friends or family to access your account using a certain password. However, many actions, like posting in forums, deleting PMs, sending a horse to Haven, and more, will be blocked. That’s basically the main overview of it. I don’t exactly get the point of this – it just seems like an easy way to create more problems. (Keep in mind that you should have full trust of the player you are combining accounts with! Read the page in the Events forum to make sure you understand all the consequences.)

Moving on to a more positive change, ideas will now finally get their own separate forum! This will cancel out some of the confusion with people creating ideas without the light bulb and vise-versa.

Picture thanks to user Nalu93

Another change will be adding another tab for divines to show more information about them. I’ll post a picture here once everything is released (in just about a few hours!)

Another special surprise is coming as well, that the admins won’t tell us about. Many players were guessing it would be a Fjord. My guess is that the gift inside the egg will be a Fjord or any new pony breed..So if that does happen, remember you saw it here first! ;)

**Egg Update: It’s just a surprise that will appear on your “My Horses” page. It will open on July 6th, but you are trying to open it before then. The only way to open it is to have a bigger number of friends and I guess combine accounts (..I’m not too sure with that..I will update tomorrow if I have more info.) Thirty of your friends need to log in to improve the chances of your egg hatching early. Each friend adds 1.2% to your egg. Once it reaches 100%, it will hatch. It doesn’t matter if 50 friends log in that day – only 36% will be added.

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  1. anefriendon 06 Aug 2011 at 9:02 am

    where do i find an egg and how

  2. Jessicaon 06 Aug 2011 at 11:53 am

    This promotion ended some time ago; you can no longer participate in it.

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