Jun 15 2010

Welcome Fjords!

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Fjord Promotion

Just as I guessed – Fjords are being released on the game right now. You can only get the chance to have one if you sponsored a parent for signing up on Howrse. When they log on or when you log on, you see the special offer. However, the Fjord is only available if you purchase 10 passes before June 30th. (Note that your parents have to be able to access your account with their own password – make sure you read the post about this in the Events forum to make sure that you will get the Fjord.)

Don’t buy passes and want a Fjord? I would suggest to not even visit the Private Sales for one. They are up for sale at crazy prices. (cheapest without passes is 20,000e [only one, others are 50,000+] and with passes is 2,500e and two passes). Unfortunately, this seems to be the only way to get a Fjord from Howrse, but the price will definitely drop (in the sales) by Monday.


Below are pictures of the new breed: (Will be updated as I find more)

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  1. BoBon 12 Feb 2014 at 5:46 pm

    I have 3 gyspy vanners. I love them to death. now I think the new fad is the rarer breeds such as irish hunter or Icelandic horse. I am working on getting those. if u need a Purebred Spanish Horse, that breed is my specialty. I can get you a true purebred at 100% for 500e. contact me. my username is ClaireBear exactly how its written here

  2. Shetlander200on 06 Apr 2014 at 8:41 am

    Hey i play on the dutch howrse if you play there to add me : shetlander200 i breed akhal tekes, knabstruppers and more with an high gp sobif you want one pb me

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