Jun 26 2010

Surprise Inside Has Been Released! *Updated!* (7/3/10)

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A lucky player on Howrse was able to mature their egg fast enough in able to receive the gift inside early!

The top 500 eggs (if their maturity is greater than or equal to 50%) will receive this gift as well – a Falabella. This special horse will give it’s owners a 1/100th chance of receiving a bonus when they enter any of their horses in a competition. (If the owner has two Falabellas, they will receive 1/50 chance.) I heard that the bonus is receiving 10+ bonus for comps, but it has not been announced officially.

Meet the new Special Horse!

I was surprised to see it’s genetic potential is only 13 – much lower than the first, now second, lowest GP which was of the Archimedes (350). Even though there are some horses/donkeys with a negative GP, this is the lowest for both a special or divine horse. Players will receive the horse at 5 years of age, weighing just 440 pounds, along with a Philosopher’s Stone and Medusa’s Blood. The owner will have to train the horse, but it already has 100 BLUP. My guess is that all of these horses are male, since the first is, so they will not be able to reproduce. (So no little foals with mini wings! ;)

I will continue to update this page as more information/these Falabellas will be released so keep checking back!

*Update – 6/28* A total of four Falabellas have been released on the game – each a different color – pink, green, blue, gold. This seems to be the order of the colors released, not just a random order. I will check back tomorrow to see if it has changed. Below are the pictures of the four possible colors. Also, I am proud to announce that I will be receiving a Falabella, at the rate that my egg is maturing. I’m hoping to get a gold one :D Good luck to everyone!

*Update – 7/3* I have received my Falabella! (I got it without the 50% bonus :D) He loves visitors, so feel free to check him out here. I have also noticed that each color has a different name, and a new color was released – purple! Below is the list of names and their color they belong to. Each name means small/tiny in a different language:

Pink: Tiny (English)

Purple: Chiquitin (Spanish)

Green: Малыш (Russian)

Blue: Klein (German)

Gold: Petit (French)



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  1. IzzyCutexxxxon 12 Jul 2010 at 5:59 am

    i realy want one i have got some BM items if anyone wants trade a Frabella for some bm items, i got them in horns of plenty in stead of a farabella :( so derpessing

  2. mammaon 05 Aug 2010 at 8:07 am

    The bad thing is their wings are too small. I like the colours though.

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