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Jul 27 2010

Sorry guys, another break..

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Update: July 31 – I have a better brace now, making it easier to type. I might be able to update the site more than expected now. :) I did make another layout that is available for your EC! The new Lavender Layout! I’ve barely recovered from before and now my wrist is hurt. :/ […]

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Jul 24 2010

New Features!

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I felt the need to put up a new post on new features on the website. :) New Navigation: First off, there’s the new navigation. Thank you to everyone for being so patient with it. I apologize if this affected your experience with browsing the site. All is well now with the new drop-down menu. […]

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Jul 22 2010

New Navigation!

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As you can probably see above, I coded a new navigation for HowrseHelper. I will be removing the side navigation for more space. If you bookmarked some pages, you may not have access to them anymore as I made new pages to organize the site more. (Example: Customized Layouts isn’t just – you now […]

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Jul 20 2010

Achievements Gone, Objectives Welcomed

Update 3.3.0 came a bit earlier than expected. With this upgrade, there were a few surprises that we didn’t know of. There are some little things like.. your notepad is now in your messaging system your equus reserve has a break between every thousand the morale and energy gain will be displayed when you put […]

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