Aug 02 2010

Scavenger Hunt on Howrse!

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Seems like the admins had this low-key. I didn’t know about it for the first few days it was announced! Starting today, Monday, there will be a scavenger hunt on Howrse throughout the week. Each riddle will only be displayed for two hours in the Events forum at random times, so it is suggest to write it down somewhere. The prize for running around Howrse? A horse with four extra legs to help you! If you are the first to answer the last question correctly, you will receive your very own Sleipnir.

To keep things fair, I will not be posting the riddles, nor the answers. If you post a comment on another page about this, it will get deleted. Sorry, just want the players who log in each day and wait to find it to have their chance at the prize, instead of those just spending minutes to find it.

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