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Aug 03 2010

And the first Sand Horse goes to…

11:30 Finally, a Sand Horse has been released in the auctions for bidding. I’m unaware at what the starting bid was, but so far it’s up to 850 sand with 13 bids. 11:40 Suddenly rose up to 1,100 sand in ten minutes and through 9 bids. I’m shocked that one player has that many sand […]

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Aug 03 2010

The Sand & the Beach and a Water fight!

Before there is even a forum post in the Events forum, you get to hear about this promotion before Howrse officially releases it. Sand & Beach: Until August 31st, you can find grains of sand when playing the game. All these add up to some really great prizes. Some include passes, the Sand Horse, equus, […]

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