Aug 05 2010

Upgrade 3.3.1

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I can’t believe it’s already time for the next upgrade! I was so overwhelmed when I saw the Sand promotion, water fight, and then this, knowing I would have to blog about all of them. xD There was a glitch with the EC rankings – ECs ranked in the 50’s dropped down to 15,000. All should be fixed now. ;)

EC updates:

The Vets have been removed

Just the vet position has been removed and foaling will stay at 500e. The prestige points will be redistributed towards boarding. In about 20 days, all ECs need 20 horses boarding to get the highest possible prestige.

Day 0 (August 3) – One horse can be boarding and full prestige is given.
Day 5: 5 Horses can be boarded for full prestige
Day 10: Ten horses can be boarded for full prestige
Day 15: Fifteen horses boarded
Day 20: Twenty horses need to be boarded to get full prestige.

Horn of Lushness:

Free temporary employees can be found in a HOL that can be used for 5 to 15 days. Saddler positions can’t be found, but all others can. Also, HOL can now be bought with passes..Before, I think they were only available through the card packs. I just got two yesterday, both very helpful – one with a DH, 18 meter box and the other with a Large (15 acre) fertile meadow. I also received a 16 meter box, but sold that for 25,000e!

Flax & Manure Can’t be Bought at the Store

In order to get full prestige for boxes for your EC, you will now need to grow Flax to get Flax bedding. Also, droppings will have to be bought from the store to make the best fertilizer for your crops. Both objects can still be sold to the store.

Coming Soon:

The temporary employees will change costs. The first will cost 100e, second, 200e, third 300e, etc.

Breeding Farm Updates

~10 Aging Points can be bought with a pass
~The credit for your Breeder reserve and EC reserve have doubled.
~Turnips are fixed at 50e
~Fjord Diamond Apple coats have been fixed to the appropriate coat colors for the breed
~+20 comp/-20 comp win competitions now have an icon next to the name
~Black Market item inventory can be found in the Black Market

Morale Adjustment

Morale loss will work for players over 60 days of seniority. The limit to the loss is now 85% instead of 80%.

Coming in First Place: +1%

Coming in Second Place: +/- 0%

Third Place to Fifth: Losses between -1 and -4

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  1. mammaon 06 Aug 2010 at 4:32 am

    haha, whatever the morale adjustment is, I JUSt qualify for it today.

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