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Oct 30 2010

What are You Going to be for Halloween?

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Reading the results of the poll, I thought it would be fun for everyone to share who they are going to be for Halloween. It’s a bit hard to create a poll as many of you have creative ideas that don’t fit in a specific category. Post below of what you are going to be […]

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Oct 26 2010

Halloween Comes to Howrse!

Since Halloween is just around the corner, of course Howrse will add a special promotion to this candy-receiving time. Besides the new background, you can find Halloween GA coats, goodies to send to your friends, and the return of flash sales from the summer. The following GA coats can be added to your horse by […]

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Oct 02 2010

Removal of Daily Updates!

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I’m not quite sure how Howrse is going to do this, but they daily update will be removed to help players who play in different time zones. It is suggested to not do important actions with your horses, including breeding unicorns, until Monday. Some other changes will be take place: When stroking an Xanthos, the […]

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