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Mar 27 2011

Howrse Lottery

The Howrse lottery is a brand new event from Owlient. You are able to buy up to 2 tickets per draw (200 eq each) and every ticket is a winner. In addition you can send 1 ticket to each of your friends for 200 eq each. While the lottery is on, you’ll get one free ticket with […]

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Mar 26 2011

New Features

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Starting on the 9th of March Howrse has implemented some exciting new changes to the general layout and design of the game.   Simpler Navigation There have been changes to the way you navigate around Howrse. Pass balance and Equus are now visible at the top of the page. You’ll get a little mailbox notification […]

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Mar 26 2011


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Thanks Jessica! HH really helped me out when I first started playing, and I am so excited to add my knowledge to this great site. Happy howrsing all :) -Norse.

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Mar 26 2011

No More Trouble With Breeder Layout Coding!

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The coding for the Breeder Layouts are now all available through links to pages leading back to this site, rather than a file. The links are still in the same location on the page, but just lead to a different page. Now, there won’t be any trouble with viewing the code! I still ask that […]

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