Apr 01 2011

New Site on Owlient: Dowg!

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After many players asked for a game similar to Howrse, but involving different animals, their wish was granted! Introducing Owlient’s new game, Dowg!

Dowg Screenshot! (click to englarge)


Here, you can train, breed, show, and care for your dogs! There are 15 common breeds already added, including Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Yorkshire Terriers, and more! It is set up very similar to Howrse, as you can see below in the early-released picture. Instead of having equus and passes, there are paws and treats! It’s not yet released, but will be by the second week of April.


And of course, I will create a new help site: DowgHelper! Follow the link to check it out so far, and to read more!


For those of you who have been using HH for some time, I posted this as a joke three years ago (as I hope you can tell from my editing skills – they are better now, I promise!). I thought I would bring it back for some old fun ;)

**This was an April Fool’s joke. Owlient is not planning on making this site**

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  1. ChivesRice&Miceon 25 Oct 2016 at 10:34 pm

    No. You got my hopes up SO HIGH. And then you failed me!!!! NOOO! This is not funny. It is evil. Grrr. You should REEEAAAAALLLY make Dowg. And Rowdent or something. I would looove it if you made a rodent game. Sad, it probably won’t happen…

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