Apr 05 2011

Lots more new changes

Yes apples and salt blocks have been removed, but the game has been re-balanced so you don’t need them. These changes have been made because howrse is going to introduce companions in May.

Removal of Salt Stone & Apples


They will still increase moral, but you can only give them to other player’s horses.


Salt blocks are gone & you can’t find them in your horses boxes any more. To compensate you’ll get more energy from feed.


You can’t give 2 carrots any more (rabbits are gone) so instead you’ll give more energy from carrots & turnips.


As long as your horse is registered in a good EC you will have no problems with moral. All other actions you can still do with your horses have been re-balanced to compensate.


Lesson Changes


All lessons have been combined into one.

  • Lessons take twice as long
  • They use up twice the energy
  • The give 2.5x more money and 2.5x more skill
  • They give 4%+ moral
  • The benefit of your third lesson is will give you even more eq and skill


Changes to the Office


Your breeding farm and EC offices now have separate tabs for different actions.

You can find your objectives under the profile tab.


EC Pets are gone


To make room for the new companions (coming in May) all EC pets are going back to the wild.

You’ll get 4000 eq back for each rabbit in your EC boxes (remember there is no benefit from double-carrots anymore)
You’ll get 1 Pass back for every zebra in your inventory, and you’ll get a free shower in those boxes that had zebras.



  • With a shower in their box, horses consumes 10% less energy in all actions
  • Showers are available in the EC store and at the secret market
  • They don’t count towards EC prestige

Showers are starting around 19 000 equus/each – they are going to go up very quickly, expect them to be sold out often.


More aging points


You can’t buy aging points in the shop any more, but you can earn more of them through regular actions.

  • Every night you have less then 2 aging points in your inventory, the game will give you some for free
  • UFOs can now have up to 6 aging points in them
  • The chance of earning aging points with actions on your horses have increased 10%
  • There is no limit for selling aging points back to the shop but they will only give you 100 eq now.




To fight cheating through scripts you can now only care for up to 1000 horse per day, after that you won’t earn aging points, treats or equus (either with competitions or lessons).

A horse that is aged several times will count as many times at is has been aged.

Horses with Morpheus’ Arms don’t count towards your limit.


Changes in Genetics


Previously there was a cap on the maximum amount horses GP could increase every generation, and it changed every month.

Now the cap will change evenly every day to prevent a big up-swing in GP after the 1st of the month. The cap will also increase to 3% per month (it was 2.5% before).


Gallops are Gone


You have until May to pass all your gallops and gain your 3rd lesson, then they are gone for good. Seniority requirements to pass each riding level have been decreased. Of course HH has lots of help for you if you’re not sure the answers (some of them are little debatable).

Jobs are now unlocked by Seniority.




There are some small changes

  • You can now search by each skill
  • You can search just for divines
  • You can search for Poseidon’ Scale and Philotes’ Stroke
  • You will see a conformation box when you sell a divine horse (to avoid mistakes)
  • You can also see how many players have visited your sale!


More Changes

  • You can now give the GA & MB at 1 year old (previously 3 years)
  • UFOs have fewer apples and more interesting gifts
  • Eolus’ Wind have been removed from the BM
  • EC registration page is much easier to see what’s available


Foal Games


You can play foal games as normal when it’s +10c, using the games available on HH. Just skip the salt block (you won’t need it) when using regular games or use the no-salt-block games and you’ll still get your full gain. However, your foal MUST be registered at a good EC so they can re-gain moral every night.


We’ll let you know if you can still get full gain in the winter once the cold weather hits and we can test.

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  1. georgiaob4on 09 Apr 2011 at 8:01 am

    I really need the winter foal games now :/

  2. baby-ice-iceon 13 Nov 2011 at 10:10 pm

    Actually for some reason I earn 2 aging points every night. Wierd. :)

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