Apr 10 2011

Tips for Collecting the Wandering Horses

NOTE: This was way back in April and the promotion has ended. You cannot collect wandering horses anymore.

With only a little more than a week to collect all the wandering horses, here are some tips on how to help. First off, be prepared to work several horses in a day. Especially when there isn’t much time left.


Fortune: Won by grooming your horses

  • 3 points awarded per each horse groomed. Requires about 34 horses groomed once or one horse groomed 34 times (aged 34 times)
  • Only tip is to use Pass Horses (easy day: groom, stroke, water, meadow, feed left over amount). This will be quicker than taking care of a horse. **Or read below on how to combine Fortune & Pioneer**


Pioneer: Won by entering competitions

  • The amount of points awarded per competition is different for all players. It seems that the more horses you have, the less of a point gain you will receive. (Ex: One player has 240 horses, only .05 of a gain per competition)
  • To complete Fortune & Pioneer together: Use your highest skilled horse to help get an income from the competition winnings. As you work your horse, groom it to collect Fortune and enter tons of competitions to work on Pioneer. I also suggest to put a Morpheus’ Arms on it, if there isn’t already. This way, you can keep working the same horse.
  • Enter the lowest amount of energy required for a competition. (Jumping competitions work best) Try to enter competitions with 5% to 9% worth of energy; more competitions can be completed in a day. If there is none listed, search for competitions with lower than a .4 mile course (About 5% worth of energy required)

Suggested Schedule:

  1. Water/ Groom
  2. Lesson
  3. Pasture for 1 hour
  4. Jumping Competitions (1 hour an 30 minutes each)
  5. Work till 0% energy left, or when there’s not enough energy left to enter another competition.
  6. Make sure there is at least 1 hour an 30 minutes left before 22:00 to feed the horse. Allow 3 hours before entering a competition: 1 1/2 for the competition, 1 1/2 for eating/gaining energy
  7. Stroke/carrot (may be able to skip carrot, if there’s energy left after the competition)
  8. Put in pasture, as long as it is before 21:15
  9. Feed amount left needed

Of course, this doesn’t have to be followed, and can be modified so it will best suit your horse. About seven (give or take) jumping competitions can be entered when entering low difficulty comps. There won’t be any pasture time, besides the beginning.


Champion: Win by opening Horn of Plentys

  • 5 points per HOP; Need 20 HOPs to open
  • No real tip for this…Hopefully some HOPs were saved up beforehand.


Loyal: Awarded by logging in

  • 10 points per day, 10 days to win
  • log in each day to complete it faster


Shy: Win by entering Grand Prix

  • 2 points per entering Grand Prix; need to enter 50 times total.
  • 25 times, if entering two horses. Can only win Shy if you have the Fountain bonus, which earn 50 points per game, or by having a four entry ticket
  • Fountain bonus is very rare to find. Only in HOPs or received after placing in the top 50 of the Grand Prix.


Patience: Won by collecting all wandering horses

  • Make sure you have enough HOPs/passes to spend to get Champion
  • Only win Shy with GP bonuses
  • Just keep working for it. ;)


The key to all: Log in each day, groom and compete horses, open HOPs, and enter Grand Prix. If you don’t win a Balios or Falabella, you will at least receive the little prizes along the way. Good luck!

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31 Responses to “Tips for Collecting the Wandering Horses”

  1. Howrselover1010on 14 Apr 2012 at 7:04 pm

    hey, i already got 2 of the greek god horses. wats the good of getting them besides the prizes???? WAT DO THEY DO????????????????????????

  2. Jessicaon 14 Apr 2012 at 10:41 pm

    You’ll get to have the horse on your account for a few days, but it’s just like caring for any horse. There’s nothing really special other than getting all the horses which led to the grand prize like a new divine or special. For the promotion in April, it’s a Wild horse.

  3. christina hongon 13 Jul 2012 at 3:12 pm

    i want a wandering horse can anyone help me? i want umm 20 wandering horses please. someone that already has a wandering horse ok beacuse i relly want one so bad can someone help me get one??? ):

  4. christina hongon 13 Jul 2012 at 3:13 pm

    wait on ones on now right??? ):

  5. Alexon 16 Jan 2013 at 2:31 pm

    There is one on now the Wandering SEA horses!

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