Apr 19 2011

Quick Updates!

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There are several new changes on Howrse/HH to be announced: (Updated April 20)

  1. Players have been asking for a modified foal games due to the new changes. Thanks to BlackRoseMaiden for providing them, they’re here for you! (Available for games used with kilograms here)
  2. Luckily, Howrse adjusted the chances of getting a unicorn! Make sure it’s still breed at the right time (6:23 or 18:23 GMT) and is breed with a unicorn of the same breed. It’s now changed to 1 in 5 chances. (Used to be 1 in 6)
  3. I was interviewed by red_chick94 recently! Feel free to take a glance at it if you would like.
  4. I switched around some of the coding on the sidebar. The polls were removed, but I’ll find a spot for them soon!
  5. Objective pictures added for Objectives 80 to 88! (89 & 90 coming soon!)


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