Apr 28 2011

Removal of Riding Levels, Addition of Pets!

New Cat Companion!

Some quick additions are being released today (although physically on the game next week), but bigger surprises are yet to come! Here’s a summary of the new changes:

  • Riding levels removed: Bonuses will be listed seniority now, instead of riding levels. The RL will be removed from HowrseHelper as well, unless you guys would like them to stay. ;)

-Jobs: depends on which job.
-EC: Create an EC at 20 days of seniority
-Sales & Auctions: 10 days of seniority

  • Apollo’s Lyre will have more options: Several new symbols will be added, but the option to add a background color will be removed. (If your horse has a colored background, it will be removed) They can also be bought in the Black Market for one pass now. (Note: their value will decrease a lot due to this)
  • Change in Ocean’s skills: Ocean’s skills will be lowered to allow a better chance on the game for the other horses.
  • New companions: Seems like some new pets are being added to Howrse! So far, we know about the cat, but there’s a glimpse as to some new animals joining as well! The most popular opinions are some breed of dog, a type of bird, and a type of rabbit.

Can you guess what these will be?

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  1. purehearton 26 Jun 2011 at 4:48 pm

    pictures are
    first one is the goat tail
    second one is the bird wing
    third one is a rabbit eye

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