May 21 2011

Hot Tip and a Warning on the BP!

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Hot tip from Ow! 19th of May:


“Hello everyone i’d like to give you a little inside info about the number of various drawings we have received. We’ve got TONS of horses that’s fine. But we are seriously lacking companions and landscapes.

As far as the companions go i’ll put them in increasing order the last one being the one we have the most and the top one being the one we have very little of.


So if you feel like sending in a drawing you’ll have better chances at getting it published with a landscape or a companion”

So get to work HHers!


The Warning


“…there is … a lot of stuff that isn’t permitted and/or costs a fair bit when you get caught for it. Also note that there will be report abuse buttons on the coming creations to warn us of anything that has been picked off the web and is against the rules.

We are putting that up as we are inverting the way things work.
Previously we used human power to filter any potentially unsuitable coats for X,Y,Z reasons. Now we are just filtering the format and the rest will be scanned by the players themselves. That also means that a lot more -10 karmas might pop up. As instead of being simply refused before they come out they’ll be sanctioned once found out.

So i really want to warn everyone that they have to pay a lot of attention to the rules and that they have another few days to cancel a coat that doesn’t follow the rules before it’s too late and it’s run through the system.”


So please, please, read the rules 3x!

If you’ve read the articles I’ve posted on HH there are no excuses, they are all in there with lots of explanations & clarifications from Ow. Basically it boils down to: you can not cheat or steal. Draw everything yourself and you’ll be fine.

And MAKE SURE you have permission from the original artist (not your friend that says it’s okay because they used it but the person who actually drew it) before using any line-art. Don’t think you’re going to get away with using it anyway because you think no one is going to find out, there are LOTS of howrsers with their eyes open.

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