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May 21 2011

Hot Tip and a Warning on the BP!

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Hot tip from Ow! 19th of May:   “Hello everyone i’d like to give you a little inside info about the number of various drawings we have received. We’ve got TONS of horses that’s fine. But we are seriously lacking companions and landscapes. As far as the companions go i’ll put them in increasing order […]

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May 18 2011

New Companions & Flash Sales

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  The flash sales are back and with new companions added in! Squirrel   Dressage bonus: +2   Until 18 months: A gain in Genetic Potential for each hour of play From 20 months until 25 years old: Winnings for one hour of play: 0.12 skills Turtle   Dressage bonus: +10   Until 18 months: […]

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May 13 2011

The Creation Space

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Another BIG change coming up in the next week! Howrse is shifting around the black pearl, in part because of high demand for the pearl & the large number submitted causing staffing issues.   Now you’ll have three different types of artwork you can submit: The Golden Apple  – coats for horses The Horn of […]

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May 10 2011


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(Note: A post explaining new changes coming with the companions is explained below!) You can now adopt Five of them in the store and more will be coming later … The Rabbit The Monkey The Goat The Swallow The Cat What are companions? They allow you to play with your horses for the rest of […]

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