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Jun 29 2011

Supporting Maria and Tabea

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A good friend of mine, red_chick94, proposed a new idea in the Ideas forum that I completely support. She noticed over time Maria and Tabea, the donkeys posted on the Home page, have lost support over time. To support the idea, approve it and comment only on the idea page itself. About Maria and Tabea: […]

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Jun 26 2011

Week in Review: June 26

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Now that I have the time, I’m back to editing the website for hours daily! Look out for the new changes as the week continues! I’ll keep updating this as changes are added. Sunday, June 26: Two pages added: Key to Training (Found under the tip navigation) and Training Your Horse (found at the bottom […]

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Jun 17 2011

Ruby: The Sleipnir’s Replacement

Ruby is a new divine that will be the new grand prize in the lottery drawing. Each day Ruby will grow, except on his birthday. (You can’t age any divines, but I’m guessing this might age by itself without being cared for. This is just a guess; it needs to be confirmed by a Ruby […]

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Jun 14 2011

Important Comment Note:

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When posting a comment on HH, you have the option to post a website. This can be left blank, or you can put When you put the URL to your Howrse page, it will most likely be thought to be spam. Spam comments are always automatically deleted. I noticed today that there were two […]

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