Jun 05 2011

Coming Features

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Starting this week Howrse will be releasing the HoG, and HR as well as golden apple coats for donkeys. They’ve also promised a small free surprise to all the players (could it be an PoH?)


Helios’ Ray
Allows you to customise the background of your horse. Howrse is proposing a few basic ones and you’ll also be able to find the ones that where submitted by the players.


The Horn of Gold
Allows you to customize the appearance of your Companions. It can only be used via the Pack of Harmony.


The Pack of Harmony
One Apollo’s Lyre, one Golden Apple, one Horn of gold, one unlimited Helios’ Ray
(This one is a little different from the one bought as a single item, it allows you to change the background of your horse wearing the Harmony Pack as many times as you like!)


Helios’ Ray won’t be compatible with first version Golden Apples, Diamond Apples, Shutterfly Splints, 5th Element coats and Bewitched Pumpkins.

Creation Widget
Instead of the button to see a players’ coats on your profile page, you’ll now have them displayed in a Widget directly on your page. With your Pegasus Account it is possible to remove this widget.
Here are 2 examples of what your horse page could look like in the future 


And the best part is that you can also use the button at the top near your horse’s name to view the full background


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