Jun 05 2011

New Changes

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Howrse has come up with one more set of big changes, so far they’re only giving out a few little hints. These should all be implemented this week.


The Competitions

* Energy costs :
Show jumping now cost at least 10 points of energy.
Cross country now costs at least 10 points of energy
Barrel racing costs 25% less in energy than it currently does.
* All the competitions will last the same amount of time : 2 Hours
* As a compensation, Show jumping, Barrel Racing and Races will earn you more.
* Rides on sloping ground will also cost less energy to compensate.


When you build your SJ, Cross or Dressage courses, you’ll now be able to check the difficulty level directly while sorting your blocks.

When you register a horse in a competition, you’ll only see the competitions in which your horse isn’t registered yet.



The purple EC names for Equestrian Centers housing at least 5 divines will be replaced by a little sun icon in front of your Ec’s name.

This is what it’ll look like :


For Pegasus account owners the Piece of Cloud pack’s price is going down ! It’ll now cost 5 passes instead of 6 !

And more to come…

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