Aug 17 2011

CS Clarification

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Ow has posted some clarification on the rules for the CS


Golden Apple

Don’t put any more shadows under GA coats. Howrse wants to put them on themselves, so that they all look the same and are the right opacity.


Clean up your edges better. When drawing/colouring your illustration you should place one light and one dark background underneath it (which you can make transparent as you work if you want), then when you’re ready to submit put your artwork over top of each and make sure there are no stray pixels floating around. Make all our outer lines crisp & clean as possible.


Stop using the smudge or blur tools. There are some tutorials floating around out there that tell you to use the smudge brush to create dimension in your drawing, but you’ll have a much nicer finished look if you use graduated colours instead. Plus when you smudge it people will think you’ve just smudged over a photo (which is against the rules).


Stop squishing your horses! The 90% width & 90% height is a guide. Do not stretch your horse out so that it fits this exactly. Most horses are either taller vertically or longer horizontally depending on their position. When planning your drawing, try to take up as much space as possible (just don’t waste a lot of space when you’re creating). Never go back later and just stretch your horse to fit the space, it looks terrible.


This problem can also be caused by bad formating, so make sure you know what you’re doing (check out the tutorials here!).


(EXAMPLE PICTURE HERE) This is a pixilated image. It happens when you format incorrectly or you drag a horse so that is it larger then how it was originally created. Your computer screen is made up of billions of little tiny squares, each one gets told what colour to be, so when you enlarge something, more of those boxes get filled in to try to make the picture work, but it also looses any roundness & becomes boxy. Also be careful with the resolution you are saving in.


Stop using brushes You can very easily create you own brushes, you don’t need to use ones other people have created. It doesn’t matter if they are “free use” Ow has asked people to stop using them. It gives your work a real cookie-cutter look anyway, and Howrse wants creativity.





Stop using photos there is a whole brigade of players on the look out, and they are all quite familiar with popular horse images. Stop trying to sneak smudged photos into the CS, they are not going to be accepted and the penalties are huge when you’re caught. It does not matter if you took the photo, the CS is a drawing contest. This includes all landscapes, it’s very obvious when you haven’t drawn it yourself.

“In the next sessions we’ll simply remove the right to propose any creations to the Creation space forever for those who do try to do this.”


(Norse note: there are some GA coats that are very photo-realistic. If you come across one of these in voting, you can both report it & vote for it if you like it. That way Admin will follow up and make sure the artist really did draw it, and the artwork gets into the GA for us all to use)


Helio’s Ray

Be aware of your perspective and where the horse is going to appear on your background. I like to draw with a copy of the little test pony hidden, then I can make it visible for little checks while I work. Always make sure there is something solid for the horse to stand on so it makes sense for all possible GA coat combinations.


Also be aware of the sizing, so that a horse doesn’t look giant next to everything around it (unless that is what you’re going for).


Horn of Gold

Be careful with your perspective with companion coats as well, howrse puts ground directly under all the companions.

“For instance when your sleeping Labrador companion is flat on his back his belly facing us, once he’s put on the surface for companions it looks like he’s sleepwalking in ballet pointe”


Even though they originally asked us to do this, Howrse has changed it’s collective mind about sticks/branches under/over companions. It looks like the sticks are coming out of mid-air, so they’re asking that you fade in the side of the stick or somehow blend it into the background. Good luck!


Make sure your companion and anything they are siting on or laying in is completely inside the frame.


Stop using shadows on companions (yes, they originally asked us to do this too).


Stop trying to blur photos of your pets. Learn to draw.


Line art

“… Line art is a tricky can of worms as far as i’m concerned. The rules where very different on the different languages versions (with the old BP, we’re trying to make them the same across all the servers.) If the line art is authorised then you can use it but in all honesty it does limit the chances of getting a good vote as the other players are likely to want to see some new shapes in the Golden Apple.”

Norse says: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, stop using line-art available to everyone. It is exhausting to see the same images over & over again just coloured different ways. Even more when the artist has done little more then colour in someone else’s work.

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