Aug 23 2011


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You get diamonds when you own a Ruby or a Sapphire, or perhaps you got a few in the jigsaw puzzle.

Once you have 10 diamonds you can use them just like a pass to purchase items from the black market.

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  1. Meganon 16 Nov 2013 at 11:32 am

    Hey my name on howrse is bountybreeder and I have 57 living horses (12 died so now I only have 57) um on the lottery I got some diamonds but I don’t know how to view how many I have. Please help( I had 61,000 equus but now only 14/15,000 so as you can tell I like the lottery and I’m gonna start breeding buying, and selling my horses so if you could pm to tell me either which ones you like, or would like to buy and the range for which you would to buy my horse or if you would like to breed our horses and buy the foal/ keep the foal. Then that’s also fine) sorry for interrupting I would also like to know how to become more successful on howrse( like money and horse maybe pass wise ( like get more passes,money and horses without spending any real life money))

    Here’s how to answer the question(s)
    Say 1 2 or 3 then put a : – or >/< next to it and then answer it so it will look like this eg.
    1: ( then your answer) here are the numbers to the questions
    1= view diamonds
    2= buying,selling,breeding,horses,passes,equus ect.
    3= more successful on howrse

  2. candycane100on 30 Aug 2014 at 8:57 am

    Can you turn passes into diamonds or vice versa?

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