Sep 06 2011

September Calendar

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Howrses newest event is an advent-style calendar for the month of September. Log on each day and complete little tasks to earn a new gift.

If you miss a day you can not go back and get those gifts later, but you can still continue on with the calendar.

Norse Note: Thanks guys!

Ow has hinted that there might be a really great (divine?) surprise at the end of the calendar! Good Luck!

Day Quest Reward
1 Give 5 apples to 5 horses Ploutus Parchment
2 Use an aging point Made to Measure Saddle
3 Win 3 competitions with a Horse Frog or Dragon
4 Congratulate 3 players Poseidon’s Horseshoes
5 Play with a companion for 1 hour 10% energy for all your horses
6 Enter 3 competitions 10 Turnips
7 Groom 5 horses Made to Measure Bridle
8 Age one of your horses one day* Apollo’s Lyre
9 Play with a companion 2000 equus
10 Win 3 competitions Medusa’s Blood (or mustang?)
11 Participate in 3 Competitions Golden Spurs
13 Groom 5 Horses 10% Moral for all your horses
12 Give 5 apples to other players’ horses Fertility Wand
13 Groom 5 Horses 10% Moral for all your horses
14 Congratulate 3 players 3000eq
15 Enter 3 Comps 5 Aging Points
16 Give 5 apples Kangaroo
17 Win 3 competitions with a horse Poseidon’s Bridle
18 Groom 5 horses Dog
19 ? 5x Caloric Mash
20 Congratulate 3 players Horn of Plenty
21 Age one of your horses Butterfly
22 congratulate 3 players Congratulations from Ow
23 ? ?
24 Win 3 competitions Eolous Wind

*If you’ve got an Morpheus Arms on one of your horses that works too.

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  1. Wolfsongon 01 Oct 2011 at 7:46 pm

    I got an emerald in the calendar. She can reproduced with a sapphire to have a topaz ;D

  2. iloveponies_27on 13 Oct 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Hold on, wasn`t emerald in the HoP`s?

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