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Oct 29 2011

Candy Fight!

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Catch UFOs and you can throw a second copy of that UFO at one of your friends. Throw the most candy and you’ll win 2 Harmony Packs & 100 000 Equus.

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Oct 29 2011

Bewitched Pumpkin is back!

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Until October 31st, you can buy the bewitched pumpkin for 2 passes. (Remember the pumpkin does not work with Helio’s Ray) Each works like a GA, but you get a special bonus. You don’t get to choose with costume your horse will get, it’s random. Bat Your horse gets a +5 bonus to each of […]

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Oct 24 2011

Haloween Potions

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The new event runs very similar to the fruit salad we had a few months ago. Visit the potions page on howrse to get a full description of where to get ingredients and what potions you can make. Including the return of Hestia’s Gift! This black market item lets you breed you unicorn at any […]

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Oct 09 2011

I’m back!

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Over the past few months, I’ve been away from Howrse. I haven’t been on to answer questions in the comments, nor on Howrse. I wasn’t able to update any pages or add layouts. Norse has been so helpful during this time to keep all the daily news posts updated; I’d appreciate it if you could […]

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