Oct 04 2011

October Changes

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Covering offers can now go from 200 to 7 500eq.

You can now earn a diamond (1/10th of a pass) each time a player you invite to Horse finished the tutorial, with a maximum of 1 diamond per week.

You can now sell a Balios, whoever he will only give his new owner a Nyx pack once every 3 months (instead of every month) starting on the 19th of October. If his original breeder buys Balios back from another player he will give a Nyx Pack every 19th of each month again.

The Creation Space:
Players can see all the creations proposed and report abuses on all of them during voting. All creations will be displayed as a global list that everyone can browse through.

Voting will stay the same.

If you’ve already voted for a creation you shouldn’t see it again in the voting section (only on one game of course not on all the versions).

Pass History
Has been moved to the “My Account” page as well as adding a history of Black Market Item use.

The General Ranking
The general ranking only takes your 10 000 of your best horses into account for your ranking level.

Breeder’s reserve
The reserve now can only go up to one billion equus. If a player gets to that limit he may have some surprises

You can create 1 affix per period of 30 days of seniority, but you’ll keep any you’ve already created. A player can make 2 more affixes every time you extend you Pegasus account by a month. When your Pegasus Account subscription is over you keep the number of affixes you could make while it was active.

Breeding Farms
It’s possible to create 1 breeding farm per period of 60 days of seniority. (60th day, 120th day,..) with a maximum limit of 5 breeding farms for players without the Pegasus Account.

You can still make 50 breeding farms with a Pegasus Account and these breeding farm disappear when your account runs out (keep as many as your senority would otherwise allow).

Direct Sales
The Direct Sales are accessible at 30 days of seniority as long as you have 2 horses and a positive or null karma. Players having 3 karma points and less than 30 days of seniority will receive the business key when this feature is launched.

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