Oct 09 2011

I’m back!

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Over the past few months, I’ve been away from Howrse. I haven’t been on to answer questions in the comments, nor on Howrse. I wasn’t able to update any pages or add layouts. Norse has been so helpful during this time to keep all the daily news posts updated; I’d appreciate it if you could all send her a congratulations on Howrse. :)

Divine FAQ:

I have finally tended all of the pending comments and answered a majority of the questions if I saw them. The Divine FAQ is updated, although some information is still missing on the recent divines. I haven’t been on Howrse to see their welcoming or read about them, so I’d be very grateful if some of you could help me fill in the missing pieces.

Topaz Links:

One of the newest Divines, Topaz, allows you to congratulate himself and you can receive a diamond if you’re lucky! These horses were just added to Howrse on Thursday, October 7th.  I have added a page of Topaz links that will continue to be updated as more are found. It took me about and hour to find them and add them to a list, as well as some time for Norse to find some. Please honor our time and work and do not paste the links anywhere.

New Layout:

A new layout has been added, thanks to the work of Howrse player, kumkum123456789! View the layouts here.

I’m currently working on little details that players have asked about as well as attending my messages on Howrse. The foal game page has been updated slightly and I’m planning on updating the Companion Guide soon.

Thanks for all your patience!

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  1. Ceceliaon 09 Oct 2011 at 10:27 pm

    Thanks for the Topaz links!!! Didn’t get a diamond, but will hopefully soon!!!! Got 50 equus per horse though. I was only allowed to congratulate 5. Thanks for coming back and the updates.

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