Nov 25 2011

The New Gemstone Leaked!

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As mentioned in the previous post, Howrse is awarding a prize to the players who own all the Gemstone horses, including the Topaz.

Diamond - The Next Gemstone

The French version of Howrse always seems to be a step ahead of the other versions, therefor this new Gemstone was already released there.

The next Gemstone horse is Diamond. All that is known is what it looks like as well as the name. I’ll try to update this when I find more information.

Thank you to TyTyr for telling me about the leak, jecaleca for capturing the picture, and smiles101 for posting it.

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  1. smiles101on 18 Jul 2012 at 4:45 pm

    You’re very welcome for posting it :] Sorry this comment is a tad late!

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