Feb 09 2012

Newest Features

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After a little break from updates Howrse is back with some more exciting changes.

Choosing your Discipline

Each of your howrses will now specialize in either Western or English competitions. You must choose before the horse can enter in a competition, and it is permanent*.

English competitions have changed to

  • Trot competitions: dressage, speed, trot
  • Gallop competitions: dressage, speed, gallop
  • Show Jumping: dressage, speed, jumping
  • Dressage: dressage, trot, gallop
  • Cross-Country: dressage, stamina, jumping
  • (Grand Prix)

Your options for western competitions are:

  • Barrel Racing: stamina, speed gallop
  • Cutting: dressage, stamina, speed
  • Reining: dressage, gallop, stamina
  • Trail Class: dressage. trot, jumping
  • Western Pleasure: dressage, trot, stamina
  • (Grand Prix)
More information
  • When entering competitions you can now “
  • Horses can now only be equipped with tack that is designed for their specialty (English or Western).
  • You can change a horse’s specialty until it’s 5th birthday, and then it is permanent.
  • *Right now, for 15 days ONLY you can change your horses specialty.
  • All of your horses that already have tack have automatically had their specialty chosen based on the tack they were wearing.

Choosing your EC’s Discipline

Equestrian Centers now specialize in either English or Western competitions.

  • Choosing either allows you to host competitions in that discipline
  • Your Western Competitions will begin with the same prestige as your old competitions, as long as you create them within 7 days after choosing your EC’s specialty (so you don’t loose prestige)
  • If you don’t choose your EC’s specialty within 15 days (so you have until 23/02/12) it’ll automatically become English competitions.
  • The saddler will only provide tack for ECs who have chosen a specialty


Changes the Grand Prix

Prizes for winning the grand-prix have change

Karma Changes

The karma system has completely changed, if you haven’t been keeping up on the forum:

  • All players now start with the maximum of 10 karma points.
  • You now loose karma points when you don’t follow the rules.
  • You can gain back karma points but you can never have more then 10.
  • When you loose karma points you also loose access to certain features on Howrse.
  • Those who had positive karma points previous to this change were reimbursed with diamonds
See the karma page to learn more. 


Discover Hidden Bids

If you have a Pegasus account you can now create hidden bids at auction. Each hidden bid costs 1 diamond and lets you bid on a sale without other players being able to see it. If your hidden bid is the highest you’ll win the auction.
The sum of your hidden bid is taken off only if you’ve won the auction, and if you don’t have enough the auction goes to the next highest bidder.
You can cancel a hidden bid, and you’ll be reimbursed the diamond.

More advantages of diamonds & passes

There is a new pack in the black market shop, the bonus pack. It can be bought for 2 passes and contains

  • 1 Eolus’ Wind
  • 1 Daphne’s Laurels
  • 1 Golden Spurs
  • 1 Seahorse
  • 1 Boreas’ Lunge
  • 1 Pluto’s Parchment
  • 1 Croesus’ Fortune: doubles your chance of finding items with your horse in their stall (whips, grease, etc.)
More changes to the black market:
  • Griffin & Phoenix companions are now sold for diamonds instead of passes are are less expensive.
  • You can now get a better exchange rate when you credit your breeder’s or EC reserve, also when you buy aging points.
  • You can now use passes to buy diamonds
  • Diamonds can no longer be traded with other players.


Unicorns are now more valuable

  • Unicorn bonus have gone from +6 to +15 for dressage
  • Unicorns now earn you 1000eq when you send them to Safe Haven


  • You can now rename your horse, give them affixes and move then to different breeding farms all at once using “Edit Profile”
  • Your horse’s results page has had a make-over
  • The riding school page has been removed and you can find that information in your EC’s office
  • My account & Edit my account pages have been merged
  • Red  excellence stars now count for 10 green excellence stars on your horse’s page
  • There are no longer any limits to the number of items you can have in your inventory
  • Bonus items now appear in the bonus tab on your horses page, instead of your items box. You can now give your horse bonus items by clicking on the “Give a Bonus Item” link in the menu on their page.
  • The Sapphire divine horse now offers one diamond or 1000eq based on it’s age in even/odd months, rather then even/odd days.
  • Greyfall divine horse’s health can now increase when they are immortal.


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  1. starwzon 10 Feb 2012 at 6:02 pm

    How do I change a horse’s specialty?

  2. xForeverLovingKikion 10 Feb 2012 at 8:07 pm

    “Those who had more than ten karma points previous to this change were reimbursed with diamonds”

    This is incorrect. Anyone with a positive karma was reimbursed with equus or diamonds. 1000e if you had less than 5, diamonds if you had more.

  3. xForeverLovingKikion 10 Feb 2012 at 8:08 pm


    That’s my profile by the way…

  4. Toshon 14 Mar 2012 at 8:26 pm

    You can’t change your horses speciality unless your horse is under 5 years old. If it is older then 5 years you can’t change it.
    But if it is under and you want to change it here’s how: First go to the horses speciality you want to change, and click the little plus button beside it’s name. Then click the option of ‘Edit Profile.’ You will then see an option to change their speciality I believe. (:

    I don’t like the new ‘speciality’ edition to howrse. :/

  5. Bethon 05 Apr 2014 at 2:39 pm

    How do you choose the horse speciality?

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