Apr 04 2012

Chocolate Egg Fight and Wandering Horses!

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These promotions are back again! The chocolate egg fight is the same as previous promotions, such as the water balloon fight, but with a twist of using chocolate. You can participate by catching UFOs and sending the gift to another player. Prizes will be awarded to the best egg throwers at the end of the contest on April 16th:

– The 10 best Egg throwers win a Nyx Pack
– The 40 next best Egg throwers win 100 000 Equus.
– The 50 next best Egg throwers win the Themis’ Scales
– The 29000 next best Egg throwers win an Eolus’ wind

I’m glad to see that more prizes are added for the end of the contest.

Many of you have been asking if the Wandering Horses would return and in fact they did! This time they are modeled off of the Greek horses. Each horse has a different task to complete. Once you reach 100 points for that horse, it will join your account for five days as well as bring you a prize that’s listed.

Keep in mind some need to be done everyday in order to complete the promotion or a part of it; try to keep up and do enough per day! Also, if you don’t think you’ll be able to finish some of these, such as Helios, don’t start it. You don’t want to waste time/equus.

Aphrodite: log in daily (9 points per day)

Reward: Achilles’ Heel

Apollo: Give carrots to your horses (2 points per carrot)

Reward: 20 aging points

Tip: Do this task while completing the task to get Helios/Hades.

Athena: Get congratulations from other players (2 points per congratulations)

Reward: Black Orchid

Tip: Congratulate as many players as you can, hoping they return the favor.

Hades: Participate in competitions (.6 point per competition)

Reward: Harmony pack

Tip: Groom, Water, jumping competitions (12% energy required) until around 20:45; carrot/turnip (both take 15 minutes), feed. You should be able to do about 6 or 7 competitions per day.

Mystery Horse: this will be announced on April 13th

Helios: Celebrate your horse’s 50th birthday (14 points per horse)

Reward: 20 diamonds

Tip: There isn’t much you can do other than age seven immortal horses (or use Black Orchids for mortal horses, but it’ll take longer). You need to age the horse yourself on it’s 50th birthday to get the points. I took care of one horse and entering competitions with it. (skipped lessons/meadow time and got in 6/7 jumping competitions 12% energy each & gave it a carrot for Apollo). Then I purchased other horses around 30 years old and aged them to 50 years. I didn’t do any actions other than feeding them a carrot. Because it was immortal, it cannot die.

Dionysus: Participate in flash sales or give a donation to Ow (6 points per donation; flash sales unique)

Reward: Horn of Plenty

Tip: You will have to earn a certain amount of points a day to reach this in time. Check by dividing the points you need by the number of days left. You can only give one donation and purchase one item in the flash sales per day.

Hephaestus: Open a Horn of Plenty (4 points per HOP)

Reward: Nyx Pack

Zeus: Win all the wandering horses

Reward: a Wild Horse Sorraia

 Good luck!

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  1. PuppyPaws (Howrse Name)on 20 Oct 2013 at 11:05 am

    The Mystery Horse was Poseidon… what did he do?

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